Take Back the Power is for you if you have a passion to work together to challenge an injustice which affects you. Participants are employed and trained to deepen their understanding of social issues, and take action towards positive change.

In 2017, Take Back the Power researchers created a zine about being young people of colour in the education system. They held a day of workshops and performances for young people and educators about how to challenge racism in schools. You can download their zine here:

In 2018 our next team of researchers were employed to share their stories and together find root causes for youth violence, and what solutions would look like. You can listen to their podcast, and download their Call To Action with 10 Solutions to end youth violence here:

Introducing…. the Power Circle

This year, Take Back the Power Youth Organisers have been building safe, healing spaces for young people called Power Circles. They are led by young people for young people, with the lived experience of the issue they want to discuss. Contact us on Instagram or on the email addresses below if you are youth-led group and would like to know more.

Introducing Power Circles

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Want to be a part of Take Back The Power? 

Each year, the Take Back the Power team is recruited in Autumn, and the programme runs until Spring. Whether you are one of the organisers or not we would love to hear from you if you would like to be involved! 

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16-25 year olds

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