The Winch believes in the potential and power of our community and the individuals in it. We believe every child deserves to flourish, regardless of background or circumstances.

Our drive has always been to positively include people who might not feel like they have a place anywhere else. We are responsive and we listen to the needs and wants of people in our area. We work with individuals and with groups to make sure we’re getting as full a picture as possible. The Winch employs young people and adults who have faced challenging circumstances, so understand them through lived experience.

We work alongside young people to develop their strengths, skills and sense of purpose. We connect people in our neighbourhood and aim for a culture of kindness while listening to what local residents believe needs changing. We promise to act as a champion of children and young people, to see their potential and to build confidence in achieving their ambitions. We will support them as they navigate their way through challenges and encourage them to keep being themselves as they grow. We commit to being there with them through difficult times, as well as everyday life and in particular at big moments like changing schools or home life shifts. 

Our 4 strategic goals are:

Work alongside children and young people to develop their strengths, skills and sense of purpose. 

We will invest in a long-term, relational approach with children, young people and families. We will listen to our community and build on the positive strengths in it.

Connect people to create a kinder and more resourceful neighbourhood. 

We will continue to connect people to create kind, self-sustaining groups like Connecting Parents – a group led by parents, for parents to run events, workshops and trips. 

Back community-led change.

We will keep working towards long-term and positive change. We will nurture and support local residents to take the lead in shaping our community in spite of cuts to public services. 

We will continually assess and improve the way we work to build better participation, strengthen our learning and impact understanding, grow our income and ensure we are working together to communicate successfully.

Build organisational excellence. 

We will work to continuously evolve and improve how we work.