In these uncertain times, we all need the help of our friends and neighbours more than ever. Your help ensures that we can keep local young people and families safe, nurtured, and equipped for life and its challenges. Your support of the Winch gives your neighbours reasons to be hopeful.. 

Please consider making a one-off donation at this difficult time. If at all possible, join us as a monthly donor. No amount is too small. Every act of kindness is valuable. Everyone in our community can make a difference in a way that best suits them. However you can, please help the Winch continue to rise.

Chitra, our Head of Community Partnerships, would love to hear from you to talk all things Winch community – so please get in touch with her at


Become a monthly sponsor:

£20/mo –Sponsor a Young Person – Our Youth Workers are out on the streets and local estates helping young people access the service they need. With so many challenges to navigate, we need your help to prevent those most at risk falling further behind . 

£50/mo – Sponsor a Family -We work with lone parents and new families on low incomes. Often, they have complex medical or social needs, which are made more difficult by living in overcrowded accommodation. We are worried for isolated women trapped in coercive relationships. You can help us to help them manage the challenges they face.

£100/mo – Support Essential Frontline Work – Back our team to help young people and families negotiate the persistent challenges the pandemic has highlighted. Your support means we can be by their sides for the long term, supporting children from cradle to career, building a community in which we can all thrive.

We always appreciate your one-off donations. But at this time, a monthly donation ensures that we have what we need to support our vulnerable families and children through this crisis. 

We have learned we can build a kinder, more resourceful community when we all work together. If we can look out for each other, we can prevent this crisis from becoming a disaster. With your help, we can safeguard our neighbours most at risk.

What happens next depends on you.

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If you are a supporter, champion, funder or donor of the Winch and Belsize Community Library already, thank you. You’ve made it possible for us to be here today, for our community and we are grateful for your backing.