The Hoopoe is an exotic-looking bird that is as big as a Mistle Thrush. It
has a pinkish-brown body, cool black and white wings, a curved black
bill, and a crest that goes up when it’s excited. It doesn’t have babies in
the UK, but sometimes up to 100 Hoopoes visit in spring. They come
from Africa and land on the south coast of England. Hoopoes are
important birds protected by law.
Here are some fun facts about Hoopoes:

  • The Hoopoe is the national bird of Israel.
  • There are three types of Hoopoes: African, Eurasian, and
  • The Hoopoe sings a pretty song that goes, “hoo-hoo-hoo.”
  • Hoopoes mostly eat bugs, but they also have small lizards, frogs,
    spiders, fruits, and seeds.
  • Hoopoes stay with the same partner for a year.
  • Instead of making their own nests, Hoopoes live in holes in trees or
    other tall things.
  • When faced with enemies, Hoopoes defend themselves by pointing
    their tails and making a stinky smell.
  • If a Hoopoe raises its crest feathers, it means it’s really excited about