Youth led projects are exactly what they sound like – projects that have come out of what you want. You’ve told us what you want to do so we’ve listened and worked with you to make them happen. Here are some projects that young people have started already:

  • GRRLS group – young women who met weekly to talk to each other and youth workers about issues that affect them
  • Self-defence for young women runs 1-2 times a year and is a female only space to learn self-defence from a world class champion fighter. It’s also a space to talk about some of the challenges you face as a woman like how to deal with harassment. 
  • Just Us Girls, where young women aged 11-18 in Camden can participate in a range of activities like self-defence, dance, and mindfulness sessions, while also discussing important topics such as relationships and mental health in a safe and supportive environment.
  • TeamUp – partners with local schools and housing estates, engaging young people in meaningful social action and fostering safer, connected neighborhoods.

If you’ve got an idea for something, tell us and we can help you set it up. 


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