Our community is made up of lots of different people and we like to celebrate all of us. Whoever you are, you can come and be part of any of these festivals, events and more. You’re invited to come to the moments that are important to your neighbours and they’re invited to yours too! You’re welcome at any of our community celebrations. Some of the things we’ve had in our calendar are:

  • Iftar communal meal
  • Hallowe’en face painting and decorating The Winch as spookily as you can
  • World Cup game screenings (even if we don’t win!) 
  • Black history month events 
  • LGBTQI+ events 

The best way we know to be here for our community is to be part of it and to celebrate it. Come and tell us what you’d like to celebrate and we’ll see if we can make it happen together.


Jim Chynoweth jim@thewinch.org

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