Community Partner of the Month:

Hereward House School

Many of our friends and neighbours took us up on our Monster Dash 31 Challenge.  We saw so many different and creative ways to have fun and raise money for our programmes at the Winch.  

Our target was £13,000.  Thanks once again to our friends and neighbours we raised over £14,000!

We are so very fortunate that Hereward House School answered our call.  Time was set aside in school on October 30th for the boys to complete their challenges. The whole school, from its students, staff and parents, came up with fun ways to support the Winch. They even smashed their own fundraising target! 

Juliet Hugget, the charity representative for the Parent’s Association, set up the fundraiser for the Winch at Hereward House (and by the way, walked 31 km in costume with friends for us!). She tells us,

“Hereward House School is all about community so I knew that the headmaster, boys, parents and staff would get behind the Winch, particularly in these tough times. The Monster Dash was perfect – a great excuse to dress up, have fun and do something active – and to raise money to help the Winch families”.

Take a look at just a few of the amazing ideas the school came up with:

  • Paul Cheetam ran a 31km marathon for us – as the Deputy Head of the School, he knows that joining a challenge alongside the boys helps to build camaraderie and a sense of purpose. 
  • One family completed several challenges together: The boys jumped on the bed 310 times before breakfast, mum walked 31 km in costume and dad ran 3.1 miles in a dress!  Thanks to this family for going the extra mile for the Winch family.
  • Brothers teamed up and took 31 pies to the face – wow!  Where to begin?  The cool parents for letting their boys do this or the boys who literally took it to the face 31 times each for the Winch?  Thank you!!
  • Mums in the PA walked 31 km in costume and took photos in front of several London landmarks – and we have the pictures to prove it!
  • One Form worked together to create a human pyramid and held it for over 3.1 seconds – the perfect symbol of strength and working together to create a stronger, kinder community!

Check out photo of the PA mums in front of Buckingham Palace.  Don’t you wish you could see the looks on the faces of those they passed on their 31 km walk?!

If you are interested in working in partnership with us, please contact Jean.