Young People Tell Us What They Think


iphone uploads 1739 (2)Whether through group or outreach sessions, school visits, or The Company, our goal is to engage young people in the North Camden community and provide them with continuous support. Survey responses from 67 young people (ages 11-25) confirmed the dedication of our team, the varied interests that The Winch caters to and the overall importance of The Winch in the lives of young people.

“Helpful, fun, family” is how one young person described The Winch.  Another described the support as “sensational and inspiring, ” while another cited his/her trust in our staff as making The Winch “a second home.“ When asked to rate The Winch out of 10 (with 1 being low and 10 being high,) the young people gave an average rating of 9. Moreover, 50 percent of young people said that they would look to The Winch for advice, information and guidance as opposed to the 22 percent that would look to school and the 2 percent that would look to council.

According to our survey, the most popular session for our 11-18 year olds are group sessions (e.g. cooking, music, football etc), followed by school based sessions (e.g. self-directed learning, female empowerment group etc.). One young person, for example, referred to The Winch as a “young people space” where “everyone can go and feel comfortable.”

The overwhelming majority of young people credited The Winch for helping them to build confidence and self-esteem, with a young person saying The Winch “developed (his/her) character.” Moreover, The Winch aims to engage young people in political dialogue to educate them about their rights, and in the words of a young person instill in them “how [they] as young people can change the world.” Perhaps most poignantly, nearly 40 percent of young people reported that without The Winch, they would have nowhere else to go.

We were pleased that feedback from our young people mirrored the feedback from the parents and children and that parents, young people and children alike value The Winch’s role in the North Camden community.

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