The Company Crowdfunding Campaign: Help a Young Person Pursue a Career they are Passionate about!


The CO

At The Winch, we collaborate and partner with others to develop, launch and support ventures that enable children and young people to succeed. One of our ventures, The Company, is a business startup programme for 18 to 25 year olds in Camden and surrounding areas. It has supported a wide range of innovative business ideas ranging from a premium street wear brand to a chicken and waffles stall, from basketball workshops in schools to retro t-shirts.

The Company is a ground breaking business mentoring scheme for vulnerable young adults who have a great idea, but have not had the opportunities or resources they need in order to make their idea into a reality. The Company supports 10 entrepreneurs with a drive to make their ideas a reality. It is designed to bypass the misguided focus on academic qualifications, and choose candidates with good ideas, drive and ambition. However, this drive and ambition may be coupled with a wealth of obstacles. We support some of the ‘hardest to reach’ young people in the area. The program will help these “Associates” (our terminology for young people who take part in The Company) to develop their ideas, network with others and eventually get to a place where they could pitch to a panel for funding.

In order to sustain our work, we depend on the generosity of individuals and organizations like yours. We launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise £5,000 on November 16th. The money raised from this campaign will go towards the seed funding which can be applied for by each young person. The funding can be used to obtain the necessary start up items, or perhaps be used to further personal / professional development (in terms of qualifications or trainings in their chosen sector). The aim is to nurture bright ideas and turn them into focused enterprises. By setting up the fund, we will encourage young entrepreneurs to come forward with their idea and start a journey to make their dreams into a reality. We believe that many young people’s ambition and creativity has been limited simply because they are not given the freedom to express themselves, try new ideas and to make mistakes without feeling like they have failed. We have created a safe and productive space for them to do this in, here at The Winch. We are helping some of the most vulnerable young people to reach their full potential. Join us in our journey. Click here to learn more about the campaign and donate to help the cause.


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