Ramadan Iftar Meals Held in June


Written by Ruqiya Osman

After returning from volunteering in Calais in October I did a little research to find out what is being done here, at home, in our communities to help migrants/asylum seekers. Amongst many other things, I noticed that there was a lack in fun community projects that bring people together. As spring rolled in I spent some time talking to Andre and Lita (Youth Workers at The Winch) about the different ideas I had. One of them being Iftar meals at The Winch during the month of Ramadan. As we further explored the idea it became more apparent that this was it!  

We teamed up with an organization called NOMAD (Nations of Migration Awakening the Diaspora) who run a migrant youth project. The ladies who run the organization helped us to plan and we invited all of their young people to join us too. We also invited some young people from UCL Academy as well as Former Camden Council Leader Sarah Hayward.  

We held the event every Thursday for four weeks starting from the 1st of June through the 22ndThe young people from UCL made a banner over the four weeks with the idea behind it being to make something that represents what a community means to us. Everyone who attended the event chose a word that describes community to them and painted it on the banner. 

Before the meal we had a brief workshop before we cooked together, set up the play room and at roughly 9:20 we sat down to eat.  Around 40 to 50 people came every week and by the last event everyone was familiar with each other, despite coming from different backgrounds we all connected through food, laughter and common interests.  















Thank you to everyone who attended and supported!! See you all at the next one. 


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