Parents Tell Us What They Think


unnamed (2)In April we sent out surveys to the parents and children who use The Winch. We received responses from 35 parents and 35 children and the results truly highlight the value of being a part of The Winch family.

‘Fun’ was cited as the best thing about the Winch by most of the children. Three quarters of respondents said they had learnt new things such as cooking, dancing, knitting, games and maths. Some also talked about learning to communicate, socialise and respect adults. As a result of being at the Winch, 82% said they had made a new friend and 70% said they were happier. Half of those surveyed said they were now more confident.

Of the parents surveyed some had been sending their children to The Winch for as little as two months and others as long as ten years. Indeed some parents had been involved with The Winch as young people themselves years ago. Parents were generally pleased by the care given to their children and also appreciated our focus on building up character strengths and focussing on individual needs. 90% of parents said The Winch had helped their child be more resilient and all parents said their child was more confident and empowered. One Mum said “The Winch has taken away any concern we had about our after-school child care, providing a safe environment, lots of fun and great values from a fantastic team.”

When asked how The Winch has helped them, many parents said that The Winch has allowed them to better manage work and child-care in addition to providing their children with a safe environment to learn, engage, and have fun. The Winch goes further than most in supporting parents in all aspects of their lives so it was rewarding to see that all respondents said that we were either good or excellent at providing consistent, long term support. When asked to describe what The Winch meant to them in their own words, one parent responded “Everything – my support network – my child care - a safe place-my community place.” Indeed 44% of parents said they would approach The Winch for general support (compared to only 15% saying they would go to other services e.g. charities, CAB). 61% said they came to The Winch for a sense of community compared to 54% saying they would go to family and friends for community. As another parent described it “The Winch is a part of our family life, it’s an extension of our family without it we would all be lost.”

When asked to rate the Winch out of 10 (with 1 being low and 10 being high,) 50 percent of parents gave a 10 out of 10 rating and all gave a rating of 6 and above, with the average rating being 8.9. The impact of our holistic approach was captured by one parent’s comment “When we first came to The Winch, I was an isolated single parent, single child family on benefits. Now I am employed and we enjoy being part of a larger community and circle of friends.”

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