North Camden Zone


The North Camden Zone, a project of the Winch, aims to improve life outcomes for children and young people. Our goal is to make the local area a great place to live and to grow up in.

We are a community-led systems change project working in specific, ‘hyper-local’ places. We take a strengths-based approach, which recognises local assets, capabilities and interests, and prioritises people’s participation and engagement in issues that matter to them. We start with the residents of a specific area and work alongside them to discover their strengths and goals and to map their local resources. The community takes the lead in identifying the changes that they would like to see and works to achieve these changes through social action, activities and projects. The North Camden Zone supports by building the skills, resources and capacity of the community to act.

We encourage and broker the contribution of other organisations, services and businesses to help meet the goals of the community. We highlight the systemic issues we uncover and bring together partners to share learning and to work on collaborative solutions.