Hire A Room

Hire a Room at The Winch or Belsize Library

We have a number of spaces at both 21 Winchester Road and Belsize Community Library available to hire which are suitable for different activities:

  • Birthday parties
  • Classes
  • Dance, martial arts and exercise groups
  • Auditions
  • Meetings

We also have office space available for hire: if you are interested we can let you know current availability if you get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide food for the event? Can I bring my own food and refreshments?

We have a relationship with Chamomile Cafe in Englands Lane who provides party food packages. You are allowed to bring your own food and drink. However, you are responsible for cleaning up after yourself. This applies to all rooms except for the Mandelson room where there is no food or drink allowed.

Do you have music or any entertainment available? Can I hire my own?

We do not provide any music or entertainment. There are sockets available for your own music devices.

Do you have tables and chairs? Can I bring my own?

Yes, we have tables and chairs available. However, depending on the size of your event you may need to bring more. We have approximately thirty chairs or so available at the library and playroom. Other rooms may have around 6-10 chairs except for the Mandelson room which has no seating.

How long can I rent out the space for?

The minimum time you can rent a space is for one hour and three hours minimum for birthday parties. There is no maximum time limit.

How big is the room – what is the room capacity?

The Belsize Library has a capacity to fit 50 people comfortably, and the Play Room has a capacity to fit 40 people. The Mandelson Room and The Basement have a capacity of about 25 people, and the other rooms about 10-15 people.

Can I arrive early to set up or leave later to take down the party?

No, you can only arrive and leave during the time that you have rented the room. The option to rent the room before or after your initial planned time in order to set up or clean-up is available for an additional fee (Half hours are acceptable in this case).

Do I have to clean up?

Yes, you should leave the rooms in the condition that you found them in when you arrived. If pre-arranged with us your host can do the cleaning up for a small fee.

How do I pay for the room?

  • Cash
  • Check payable to Winchester Project
  • Bank Transfer, details given after booking form is submitted. Please include details including name/organization and description.
  • Full Payment must be made by the day of the event
Will there be someone to open and close the library?

Yes, the library will be opened for your event. The name and number of that host will be given to you as your event approaches. The Winch will also have staff to greet you.

Can I bring alcohol?

No, there are no alcoholic beverages allowed as we do not have the necessary alcohol licences.

Can we move the furniture around?

Yes, you can move the furniture around, as long as it is moved back to its original position by the end of your party.