Our Impact

Our Impact

We track almost 100 metrics for the children and young people, working with partners to ensure we have an understanding of the needs and strengths of each child. Our approach to understanding and increasing our impact is central to the work we do and how it has developed.

An impact-led approach

The life chances of a child born into poverty in the United Kingdom start to shrink by almost as soon as they’re born. That’s why we work with families from the very beginning. But research shows that early intervention isn’t enough.

To have a long-term impact requires long-term investment and that’s why we work from cradle to career, ensuring support is ever present, particularly during challenging periods and transition points.

We judge our success on the measures we have in place and we want to improve. Our model has been developed through over 40 years of experience as well as learning from best practice in the UK and US over the past five years. We’re accountable for the impact we have and are committed to doing all that we can to ensure each child receives the support and opportunities they deserve.

The ultimate goal

We know that life is complex and single measures of success can be deceptive. That’s why our approach to understanding our impact builds on our work by gathering data from a range of partners and our users. They span education, health, housing, mental health, personal and social development and wellbeing.

By the time a child has grown up and is ready to move on from The Winch we expect to have equipped them to succeed: this means that they experience personal and material wellbeing and hold strong personal and social relationships. This is about ensuring that young people build resilience, have agency and are a part of the local community.