North Camden Zone

North Camden Zone

We’ve been working with children and young people in north London for over forty years. During that time we have made a difference to thousand of lives and we’re always looking to build and improve on what we do and how we do it.

Inspired by Harlem Children’s Zone, North Camden Zone is the first children’s zone approach in the UK. It was first discussed in November 2011 and development started in August 2014 after we recognised that whilst excellent services and long-term relationships are crucial, not enough was being done to rethink the way in which such services and systems are designed, and how we could better tackle the effects of child poverty.

We are developing the Zone by:

Exploring and developing a collective impact model in North Camden.

Connecting and supporting partner organisations to engage and help children and young people more effectively.

Inviting local people to be part of the Zone by providing practical ways to volunteer and improve our area.

Learning and analysing what does and doesn’t work here and elsewhere and feeding it back into the model.