Our Transitions youth group took 24 young people on a trip to Lush Oxford Street this half term, in search of adventures, bubbles and fun. They had a great time exploring the shop in teams with some of the fantastic Lush shop assistants who were happy to teach us  a lot about what all the different ingredients do and helped us to discover lots of new smells. They then took part in bubble making competitions, shower gel coloured high-fives and testing the biggest bath bomb they had ever seen! The group were very excited to make one of the Lush products (The Comforter- a fruity bubble bar made with blackcurrant), mixing the ingredients and colours together themselves before moulding it into a shape of their choice. Thanks for having us Lush!


We threw a Mad Hatter's tea party at Belsize Community Library to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Arthur Rackham’s birthday and Camden's intergenerational week. Arthur Rackham was a local artist famous for his illustrations of Alice in Wonderland and Fairy Tale books. We invited guests from Kilburn Older Voices Exchange and Elfrida Rathbone, who enjoyed live music, tea and cakes and a special guest visit from the Mayor. We were very happy to see guests from both organisations enjoying the party, chatting, dancing and  making new friends.


Our Connecting Parents Halloween party was an absolute hit! Over 40 parents and children came along to enjoy our ghoulish games and terrifying treats. Everyone took part in wrap the mummy competitions, Halloween games and pumpkin carving then treated themselves to berry blood drinks. Children had a go at painting their own faces, with some very scary results…


This Autumn we have 8 new members of the Winch team: (l-r) Analiese, Kai, Muna, Wendy, Bengisu, Radwan, Aniso and Rawdat (not pictured), have joined us as Young Researchers on our pilot programme, Take Back The Power.

Take Back the Power is a Participatory Action Research project, as well as an employability programme for 15-18 year olds who are preparing for life beyond school and who are passionate about social change. 

The programme was co-designed with four young people, over the past year, who felt passionate about challenging injustice, but didn’t feel like they had the opportunity to, between the pressures of achieving at school and having to work at the same time.

Take Back the Power employs these young people to undertake a research project about a topic on which they are experts, which they feel is either misrepresented or underrepresented in the mainstream. By learning traditional and creative research methods they will deepen their understanding of their own experiences and then decide what can be done about it and how to create positive change.

Now halfway through the process, the group have decided to look at experiences of the Education System, from their perspective as young students of colour, from working class backgrounds. Questions they have thought about include: How has nine years of austerity affected their opportunities? Do they feel that schooling helps them live in the world they want to live in? How does Social Media play into their education? Does school feel like a way out, or a cycle keeping them trapped in disadvantage? Watch this space to find out more! And in the meantime you can stay up to date with the researchers by following their blog:



This half-term our week long playscheme had an ‘Animal Kingdom’ theme. As usual we took part in lots of play and developmental activities such as making safari soup and animal masks, as well as having a roaring time playing outside and in the gym. The children went on some great trips, such as visiting 360 where even our youngest children managed to face their fears and conquer the (very high!) climbing wall.


The North Camden Zone and the Camden Sure Start Integrated Early Years Service will be holding a joint workshop on Thursday 9th November at Belsize Community Library. The workshop will give people the chance to hear the views of parents, as well as people working in services for families and children in North Camden- focusing from pregnancy to age 5 years. The workshop is a fantastic opportunity to help us shape the proposed new North Camden Early Years Network and find out what would work best for both parents and providers.

We are excited to welcome people to hear about upcoming activities and events, meet parents and people who work in the services, as well as share ideas on how to improve services for North Camden families with under 5s. 

Please register for the event at There will be a creche provided, so please make sure to tick the box for this when you register if you need the service. For any other information please email