My experience of The Winch


My experience of The Winch

By Karina (intern)

When asked by others about my internship experience, I immediately grow excited to share every detail of what it is like to be at The Winch. Over the past month I have been welcomed into the Winch family with open arms and have enjoyed every single second of my time here. I have truly learned a lot from my colleagues about what it means to work in this industry and provide care for children. Working in the After School Club has given me not only experience for my future, but happy memories with the staff and children that I will keep with me forever.

Through working in the After School Club, I have been exposed to genuine attention for the children that I have not seen in my past experience of child care. During our time with the children, staff are quick to engage in play, resulting in an abundance of giggles from both child and adult. Whether it be by cooperating when being put in “jail,” giving time-outs to stuffed animals for “misbehaving,” or chasing the kids around in a game of ‘It’, laughter can always be heard at the Winch.

I often find myself simply observing the action around the room and smiling at how genuine the bonds are between the staff and children, which are evident through the activities they engage in together. Likewise, the activities planned are chosen with care for the interests of the children, every day there is sure to be an activity that each age will enjoy due to the thought and care put into daily planning. I have found that the relationships built both among children and between staff and the children are so positive due to staff’s genuine interest in their establishment. 

Rather than being a situation in which the child is relevant only when they are at the After School Club, staff care about the wellbeing of the child at all times. Even when the staff are making preparations at the start of the day or cleaning up at the end of the night, they are still discussing ways to improve relations at The Winch. Whether it is considering new activities or debating how to handle difficult behaviour or disagreements between the children, it is evident that the staff here keep the utmost interest of the child in mind when making decisions. I feel that is a magnificent quality to have in the staff of an organization such as this one. The care exhibited by the staff towards the children they are working with makes me proud to be a part of The Winch and it likewise makes me happy to see this dedication to the children of this community. 

With only two weeks left in my internship, the idea of leaving already breaks my heart. Being a part of The Winch family, even if only for two months, has been one of the best elements of my time in London. It is clear to see that the people of this organization are extremely kind, thoughtful, and passionate for what they do and I will dearly miss seeing the positive work being achieved by this group of humans. Moreover I know I will miss hearing their laughter, playing restaurant and pretend-eating the food they’ve “cooked” for me, laughing with them as we copy each other’s accents, and even being declared ‘It’ and running around the playground. Overall, I know I have to make the most of my last two weeks here. This experience is one that I will walk away from with happy memories and the assurance that the children of the After School Club are receiving the greatest possible care.

Thank you for taking the time to read my reflection about working at The Winch. This holiday season we are raising money through the Big Give. Please consider donating to our organisation this Christmas!

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