Meet the Team: Susan Olivacce


SusanSusan Olivacce is a full time Promise Worker and Deputy Play Officer at The Winch, working with children aged 4-12.

As a Promise Worker, Susan provides one-to-one support to eight children. Moreover, she acts as a child advocate while working with partnership services such as schools and social services in addition to connecting children and their families with wider support networks. Ultimately, Susan and all of The Winch’s Promise workers help children and young people to develop character strengths, ensure wellbeing and maximize impact. Working with a younger age group, Susan feels it is important to develop trust and positive relationships with the parents of the children as well.

As a Deputy Play Officer, Susan works with Kim Mabbut, the Play Development Officer, to run After School Club as well as the holiday and half term play schemes. After School Club picks up children from three different schools, George Eliot, Holy Trinity, and Swiss Cottage Primary (drop ins from other schools are welcome to attend as well) and offers games, arts and crafts, sports and other opportunities for children to learn through play from 3:30 to 5:45 pm. The holiday play schemes offer additional educational and fun activities during the school holidays such as as day trips and projects from 9:15am to 5:45pm. As reliable childcare systems, both After School Club and the holiday play schemes allow parents to work full-time while ensuring that their children are engaged in a positive, fun way. While working as a play officer, Susan particularly enjoys seeing and participating in the children’s role-play. Impressed by the children’s imaginations, Susan elaborated, “There are no limits, children are superheroes and a doll house can become a fantasy island or a castle.”

Before joining The Winch team in March of 2014, Susan worked in nurseries and children’s centres.  Being the youngest of seven children (and becoming an aunt at the age of 6,) Susan has always been passionate about connecting with children and knew from a young age that she wanted to work with children as a part of her career. In fact, her work experience while she was a young person was at a school.

As a Promise Worker and Deputy Play Officer, Susan feels that the most important qualities to have are patience, compassion and the ability to truly listen.  In the future, Susan hopes to see The Winch expand its impact by reaching out to accommodate more people and continuing to provide top-notch support.

Get to know Susan a bit more and take a look at some of her favourites and fun facts below:

Favourite colour:  Black

Favourite artist: Jill Scott

Favourite food: Anything apart from bananas

Greatest Fears: Polystyrene and worms

Favourite place visited: The Caribbean

Favourite film: The Emperor’s New Groove

Favourite actor: Morgan Freeman

Pet peeve: Bad manners

Favourite T.V. show: Daredevil

Nicknames: Sues, Susie, Susie Q

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