Meet the Team: Reece Okezie


Reece OkezieReece Okezie is a full time youth worker at The Winch who has been working with young people aged 11-25 for the past four years.

Reece decided to become a youth worker because he himself benefitted from youth clubs and had experienced first-hand the positive impact of youth work. In fact, Reece was first introduced to The Winch through Paul Perkins, our CEO, who was Reece’s youth worker when Reece attended St. Mary’s Youth Centre.

Reece is a Winch Promise Worker and primarily works with young people one-to-one in addition to leading a group of 6 youths. As a Promise Worker, Reece adopts threefold approach: face-to-face support, partnership work, and impact measurement. Promise Workers work in a bespoke way alongside children to develop character strengths and wellbeing, while maximising their impact by connecting wider support services. Reece also mentors in local secondary schools on Mondays, leads football at The Winch’s After School Club, and is a key member of our outreach team. The outreach team goes to wherever young people hang out especially in evenings and weekends to tell them about our services and other useful organisations.

Reece’s favourite part about working at the Winch is that he is working within his own community (he lives 2 minutes away from The Winch) and he loves seeing how The Winch brings together people of different ages and backgrounds who otherwise wouldn’t know each other. In addition to working full time at The Winch, Reece is also earning a degree in Youth and Community Work at the YMCA George Williams College. When asked to give advice to anyone interested in becoming a youth worker, without missing a beat and with a smile on his face Reece answered, “Do it!” On that note, take a look at some fun facts below and get to know Reece a bit more:

Nickname: R.O.

Favourite colour: Gold

Favourite artist: Michael Jackson

Favourite meal: Anything Nando's

Favourite film: The Avengers

Favourite actor: Denzel Washington

Favourite London neighbourhood: Swiss Cottage

Favourite place visited: Orlando, Florida

Pet peeves: Pets

Dream job: Part-time Youth Worker/ Part-time Avenger

Dream home: New York City


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