My Experiences of The Winch: Promise Work


My Experiences of The Winch: Promise Work

As part of a series of firsthand accounts of the Winch and our work within the community one of our young people speaks about his experience of our Promise Work.

"It was around March 2013 when I first engaged with The Winch.  When I first met my Promise Worker. I was with the job centre and it was very bad at the time. I was frustrated, couldn’t keep control of my emotions and felt depressed and I wasn’t enjoying the courses which the job centre provided. It was probably one of the worst years I’ve ever had in my life.

I started to meet with Promise Worker on a regular basis, I live locally so we met either for coffee somewhere or here at The Winch and it was a big help to have her around at the time. I was depressed at so many points and they told me about these character strengths and what not and you know how I could work on it and it did help after some time. You know we talked about how we can build on my character strengths and all that kind of stuff. We got to a point where we were really looking at my grit, self-control and what I can do to improve my weaknesses.

I feel much better than I did way back then and after time I got into doing other activities, like a table tennis tournament and playing outdoor tennis which helped make everything more fun and helped me to feel happy again. That’s not to say I didn’t have tough days, some days I’d turn up and I’d be completely angry about something and I couldn’t control my emotions but my Promise Worker was always there and would always listen. She helped with practical things too, like my passport application which I needed to find a job and motivating me to get my tennis coaching qualification.

I’m in a better place now and was confident enough to apply for store detective/security guard role which I’ve held for the past few months and passed my training with excellence. Though I don’t meet with them as regularly anymore, The Winch was very helpful at that time in my life and it’s a great place to go because people care and they’re honest."

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