My Experiences of The Winch: A Place for Families


My Experiences of The Winch: A Place for Families

As part of a series of firsthand accounts of the Winch and our work within the community one of our mums speaks about her experience of first coming to The Winch and the services on offer.

"My three children have been attending the Winch since my youngest who is now in year 3, had started reception. I remember us all feeling anxious about the new place and new people. This was soon eradicated by the warm welcome we have received as well as the excellent work that has been observed, which has gained my full trust.

Over the years, the Winch has become more of a family and less of a childcare provider to us. This is because the Winch staff have been there for us in every aspect of our lives. As a lone parent with a history of domestic violence and mental health struggles, Winch has always provided great council and practical help. They have attended court with me to face my fear and to stand up for myself. They have attended school meetings with me when one of my children struggled at school due to bullying. As well as celebrate when I had graduated from university. Most importantly, they made me feel I was never alone and for someone like me, this means a great deal more than words can describe.

The children absolutely love the Winch just as much as I do. They get to be stimulated regularly with all the different activity clubs available, such as the Science club, football club, Art club, Reading club, Chess club, Drama club and many more activities available that they can pick and choose from.  As well as planned activities and outdoor play area that the children enjoy.

During half terms and school holidays, the Winch organises trips and activities that are age appropriate, fun and affordable.  This gives comfort to those of us consumed by parent guilt as we have to work, and the children feel to have had a productive and enjoyable break that they rave on about after pick up.

As well as building the children’s confidence and life skills, the parents are also provided with opportunities to bond with the Winch as family, as well as parent skills building, as the Winch provides family dinners that involves parents, children and staff, as well as monthly parent meetings with guest speakers that tackle topics that affect families.

The Winch has such great relationships with different local schools and organisations that offer children an opportunities that would not otherwise be accessible to them. For example, my daughter has been recommended for a tuition scheme offered by a local independent school, which my daughter absolutely loves and benefits from immensely.

Most important quality that puts my mind at complete ease is how the Winch shows children respect and unconditional care. Conflict resolution abilities of the Winch is one I myself have personally gained a great knowledge from, which I apply myself now personally and professionally.  They children feel safe, loved and happy. A parent could not ask for more.

I really could go on about the great qualities of the Winch and how much it means to us.  I just could not imagine where I would be today had I not received the support and care we as a family have received.  The Winch goes above and beyond of duty of care. It shapes young minds and supports struggling parents. The Winch makes a real difference and I hope it is allowed to continue to do that."

Click on the link here to learn more about our services for parents or here for afterschool club and playschemes.

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