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We are very proud that a previous participant in The Company has her very own book launch next month! Sadia Conteh-Mosere has written 'Single Mother- Breaking the Stereotype', based on the true story of Sadia's road to unplanned single motherhood. The book tackles the common issues faced by single mothers in today’s modern society and challenges negative stigmas. The launch is on Thursday 23rd March and tickets can be found here.

We had a very busy half term Half Term with 82 children joining us for 'Get Fit Week' at Playscheme. Everyone had lots of fun, taking part in activities such as boxing, dance, fitness games, creating a body map book and making a cardboard tube construction of how the muscles in our arms work.
There was also healthy eating cooking sessions, where we made frozen yoghurt lollies, 'superfit' rolls, fruit kebabs and healthy baked crisps. Trips included Primrose Hill Park and the Michael Sobel Sports Centre for Ice-skating, trampoline, basketball and football.
We ended with a Friday Fitness Finale of team relays and a big tug of war on the Swiss Cottage fountain area.

We held a celebration evening for the graduation of the seventh cohort of The Company. We would like to say a huge thank you to all the associates, supporters and Winch staff past and present who were able to attend and make it such a great night. The event also celebrated all of Fran Taylor’s hard work at The Company, as she will be moving on from her role to pursue her very own business! Well done to all those who graduated and the best of luck with your enterprise ideas.

Harriet Williams was awarded with her certificate at the Rank Foundation Award ceremony to celebrate her graduation from the GAP Apprentice Programme 2016 whilst working as the Youth Engagement Worker for the North Camden Zone. The inspiring event saw 35 young people from across the country graduating and celebrating their achievements and the difference they have made working with young people in their own communities. Well done Harriet for such a great achievement!


Our enterprise programme for young people is recruiting for its eighth cohort. The Company runs for 12 weeks and gives young people (18-25) the opportunity to be part of a collective of young people with a spark. Young people who want to create their own livelihoods, who want to get paid for doing something they love. It’s a community, an experience, and a pathway to opportunity and independence. At the end of the programme there is an opportunity to pitch your business idea and attain up to £2000 of seed funding! Sounds interesting? The next cohort begins on 21st February, email for more information

Our after school club children have helped form a Winch Children’s Council, voting in a chair, vice chair, treasurers, fundraisers, as well as 4 party and event planners. They have already got some work lined up, as they will be meeting this week to help plan a partnership event coming up with 'Maths on Toast' in March. The Fundraising Committee will also be meeting next week to look at the ideas and suggestions from the Children's Council meeting, budget for the ideas put forward, source the best places to buy supplies from and organise a fundraising plan.

The Winch is in week 4 of a new ‘Being a Parent’ group, a 10 week course to help develop parents confidence and self esteem by offering practical tips on everything from managing stress to making time for oneself.  We are happy to be offering this in conjunction with the Anna Freud Centre and have 14 mums actively taking part.

On Monday 30th January we held our Annual General Meeting to keep everyone up to date with our activities in 2016 and reappoint our trustees. We also took the opportunity to thank our volunteers at the event, with a speech from Page, our volunteer coordinator and a video showing what a positive impact volunteers have on the day to day lives of children and young people at The Winch. It was our busiest AGM to date, with supporters old and new coming along to learn more about our work and how important our volunteers are to us.

We would like to say a big thank you to Orange House in The Hall School, who ran a charity event called ‘Change for Change’. Pupils brought in any loose change to their morning form session to help raise money for The Winch - anything from the money behind the sofa to the collections of 1p or 2p coins in the house. They raised almost £300 and were really happy to see it go to a local cause.



Title: Fundraising Officer

What is your role at The Winch?:

My responsibilities are to raise money from trusts and foundations. It’s kind of like being Kamaji from ‘Spirited Away’, you are not on the front line but you keep the organisation ticking over. It involves lots of writing and explaining to people what The Winch is, what our staff do and why it’s so important.

How you got started at the Winch:

I’ve always been interested by social issues and what drives them and have explored these themes in my study of politics and philosophy. On a personal level I don’t believe inequality is something we ‘just have to live with’ and I think organisations like The Winch are crucial in a time when welfare provision is being pulled back. Organisations like The Winch try and keep the playing field level for children and young people and I see my role as an excellent opportunity to learn from an innovative organisation but more importantly to contribute to something worthwhile.

What’s your favourite thing about your job?:

Some people say that the thought of playing a guitar solo on a Saturday Night in front of a packed Glastonbury crowd with Eric Clapton, Keith Richards and Bob Dylan watching and nodding appreciatively in the wings is exciting. They have clearly never won a funding bid. Jokes aside, securing funding that will allow us to pursue a new project is always exciting to share with the rest of the staff.

What are the more challenging aspects of your job?:

The challenging aspects in many ways are the most beneficial. Presenting our work to others means I need a really clear understanding of what we do and as I’m still relatively new to the organisation this usually means asking a lot of questions and accepting that frontline work is much more complex than you think it might be. Hearing the stories of what our front line staff do on a day-to-day is inspiring, as is building an understanding of how each element of our work feeds into another.

The deadline aspect of it also means I sometimes smash four coffees, a pot of houmous and a pack of hobnobs in a fit of ineffective hysteria. This is neither nutritionally advisable nor sustainable.

Tell us one of your best moments from working at The Winch:

I volunteered to referee a football game for our Richard Graham Memorial Tournament. In the final which was an admittedly tense affair (onlookers had surrounded the cage and it began to feel like a gladiators colosseum), I turned to an assistant to check the time left (I foolishly was unequipped to do this myself). At that moment I heard a cry as I have never heard before and turned to see players rushing towards me, with maddened eyes, contorted expressions and I had the general sense that I might be in grave danger. One team felt that they deserved a penalty and I had turned away at the crucial moment, they were understandably annoyed. As terrifying as it was, in that moment I felt empathy for every referee in the world ever and I was deeply humbled.

Fun Facts about Dan-

Nickname: Dan

Favourite food: Lime Pickle or anything with an obnoxiously strong flavour.

Favourite place visited: Procida

Favourite film: ‘Muppet's Christmas Carol’ is up there but probably ‘Withnail and I’

Favourite actor: Brendan Gleeson is brilliant

Pet peeve: All the micro-aggressions of the London Underground.

Favourite TV show: The Simpsons every time.

Favourite book: Changes all the time but this year I read and loved ‘Birds Without Wings’ by Louis de Bernieres.

Favourite 90's jam: For some reason ‘Missing You’ by P Diddy and Faith Evans really reminds me of the 90's!

Favourite superhero: The Dalai Lama.

Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or one horse sized duck? I consider myself diplomatic, I would try and first negotiate a cessation to all combat if my hand is forced I fancy my chances against the duck.

What kind of dinosaur would you like to be? Brachiosaurus

What is your go-to shower/karaoke song? Anything which shows off my magnificent range.

If you were to become famous, what would it be for? Negotiating a ceasefire with 100 duck sized horses.