An Award for Our Early Years Work


P1270153The Winch’s own ‘Cradles to Crawling’ Project won the Team Up Award for Best Overall Project for 2014-2015. Team Up is a volunteering program dedicated to promoting and improving the health, fitness and wellbeing of Londoners as part of the Olympic legacy.

Developed in February 2015 with the help and support of volunteers from Team Up, Cradles to Crawling is a project designed to work with isolated first-time parents, (primarily mothers), with the intention of supporting them in giving their babies the best possible start. After the first 12 weeks we have connected with 10-12 local mums and the group is growing, mainly through word of mouth. The women come from a wide range of backgrounds and circumstances. It includes young parents and parents living in homeless hostels.

We have created a warm, welcoming, safe environment in which the mums have the opportunity to feel part of a community, share experiences and form friendships. The parents can talk about whatever is on their mind, everything from sleep and weaning to issues with partners.

One mother who attends the sessions said that she “love[s] attending Cradles to Crawling” and that when she is there “time flies.” She particularly enjoys group discussions about topics that she experienced with her older son. These enable her to share her knowledge with new mums, improving her confidence in the group. Moreover, in a survey issued by coordinators of the program, respondents rated Cradles to Crawling as being more helpful in providing support and advice than either Children’s Centres or other mum and baby groups. All respondents also felt that Cradles to Crawling had improved their confidence in looking after their baby.

We are excited about the project’s success so far and are looking forward to helping it continue its positive impact on parents and children in the North Camden Community. If you would like to join or know someone who may benefit, please come along - the group meets every Wednesday morning from 10:30-12:30. Email for more information

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